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Group Therapy - Gator needs your help

Nov 30, 2012 -- 6:09am

So you know how the schools send home things to sell to extort even more money from taxpayers and offer up an in-school party that if your kid don’t sell $100 bucks worth of crap they can’t go to so you get guilted into thinking you’re the worst parent on the planet if you don’t try to push the extortion over onto your friends, family, and neighbors… So typically, me & the wife just always buy the candy, seeds, magazine’s whatever, enough to get our kid into whatever the incentive is instead of harassing our buddies for money and then we just send Roman out to give it all away to people. This time, seriously she had to sell $100 worth of Christmas Crap. $100. I don’t have an extra $100 to donate for crap I don’t want. Didn’t want to put my friends in the awkward position of having to buy the crap… so I offered a deal to my 6 yr old. I told her, that if she really wanted to go to the party, we’d pay the $100… OR we’d check her out of school on party day, take her to Toys R Us, and give her $50 to spend on crap for herself…so, Am I a jerk or genius?…. She took the cash option.

I bribed my kid with half the cash I woulda had to spend on her school sale item of the month… Am I a jerk or genius?

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